Practical training

Training of young specialists is a priority task of the enterprise and it is very important to apply the acquired skills in practice. For this purpose, training sessions for engineers-technologists are carried out at the workplace of the production site. The theme of the lesson was: “Processing of involute splines on the slotting machine of the 7410. Consideration of the main methods of work by the machinist for the execution of the technological process in the operation” Slotting “during the processing of the bushing of the conveying line 5811.34.301” The operator of the slotting machine told the group of technologists, designers about the consecutive execution of the technological Process of processing the bushing of the conveying feature. 5811.34.301. He stopped at the reconciliation of the detail, and especially stressed the accuracy of the profile of the profile cutter. He told about the control of the simulator of the relative positioning of the teeth, and also the accuracy of the control elements, the length of the total normal, the size of the rollers, depends on the accuracy of the profile cutter installation.

This kind of training helps to deeply study for each operation all the methods of work used by machine operators in practice in production, which allows technologists to individually approach the writing of a specific technology.

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