"Magma" LLC introduces progressive equipment

Development of new technologies and acquiring new equipment has always been a priority in the development of magma, LLC. Within the framework of the program of technical re-equipment of the enterprise in the year 2017 commissioned grinding machine with numerical control of German production company "Maschinenbau GmbH Hofler Rapid model 1500. The machine will allow grinding of both external and internal spur and helical gear shaping. Maximum workpiece diameter up to 1500 mm products, minimum internal-230 mm. Software and machine layout lets you perform sanding machine work of barrel and modified gearing. The machine is equipped with a built-in measuring device control teeth, making the control of geometrical parameters before and after processing. After the teeth results can be printed as a report. The measuring device can be also used for precise positioning of the workpiece before processing, allowing you to get on the output gear with the highest degree of accuracy. Technique of high-speed zuboshlifovanija (HSG), which is implemented in this machine will reduce machine time with shhlifovanii to 30-50% in comparison with other foreign analogs. Compared with the old-style equipment used previously, productivity will grow in 5-8 times.

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