Shipped reducer POOT to CMI to them. Ilyich iron and steel works

Today the company is preparing to ship gear to install pulverized coal CMI them. Ilyich iron and steel works.  Based on the technical specifications of the mill specialists magma was developed by its own draft for a new gearbox and later made himself the reducer. The main objective when designing was to raise the reliability of the product in comparison with the analogues, as well as the operation of supply gearbox monitoring and control system that includes more than 50 sensors that determine the temperature, vibration and wear of the main elements of the gearbox, which was not provided for in the original project. With targets specialists of Mariupol magma LLC successfully managed. The mechanism applied the latest components, the European, American and Chinese manufacturers. Gearbox dimensions constitute 2.6 2.6 meters, height 2 m, weight is more than 32 tons, 700 kW drive power. In addition to manufacturing new gear LLC magma is engaged in routine maintenance of existing gearboxes PCI plant.

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