Strategy and future development

Developing and realizing strategy in the area of quality, industrial security, environmental policy “MAGMA” LLC follows the following principles:

  • Responsibility on all levels, high efficiency of labor, high professional skills and motivation of personnel;
  • Development of team work to provide quality in all business process;
  • Using a principle of processing approach to all types of activity;
  • Increasing the result of quality management system by means of interaction between processes;
  • Constant improvement of means of production, technological processes, information technologies;
  • Optimal process planning based on total data analysis and feedback from the customers;
  • Development of relations with suppliers and partners based on mutual agreed long-term conditions;
  • Accepting life and health saving of employees during manufacturing process as a priority;

Development strategy

  • Production and distribution of high quality machine-building products, which fulfill demands of our customers in order to gain profit in amount enough for further development to the level of leading Ukrainian companies and providing reasonable social policy;
  • This could be achieved only in case of long term ability to produce and sell machine-building equipment. Based on mentioned above the main aim is to save long time competitive ability on Ukrainian machine-building market;
  • Establishing inter-regional communications, mutual agreed conditions allow successful development of the company in conditions of unstable Ukrainian financial and political systems.

General strategic aim is provided by means of:

  • Improvement of quality of produced items, development new types of products to fulfill current and future requests and expectation of the customers;
  • Achieving the winning positions in the area of development and acceptance of new technologies;
  • Saving existing and developing new markets of sale and supply;
  • Increasing the efficiency of manufacturing process;
  • Involving all employees to the quality management process;
  • Motivating all employees on achieving the goals;
  • Providing a welfare safety net to all “MAGMA” LLC employees.

Strategy of achieving the goals, developed by the company, is realized in following activities:

  • Constant all-around development of a company, which means by itself upgrade of outdated machines and technologies, using with maximal load existing and newly starting modern , environment friendly facilities;
  • Achieving higher efficiency of production;
  • Strengthening market position by means of improving quality of products, providing marketing research and developing strategy;
  • Developing all-around warranties for “MAGMA” LLC operability;
  • Acceptance of energy saving technologies and development of private energy base;
  • Acceptance of quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015;
  • Improving of social climate by means of salary level increasing, and availability of social package;

The main aim of the company is to create additional production facilities and become full circle manufacturer.


Cooperation with us is the direct way to financial stability and economic progress!

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