Strategy and prospects

Developing and implementing a strategy in the field of quality, industrial safety, environmental policies, “magma” LLC is guided by the following principles:

  • responsibility at all levels, high productivity, high qualification, professionalism, promotion and motivation;
  • the development team work to ensure the quality of all business processes;
  • using the principle of process approach to all activities;
  • increasing the effectiveness of the quality management system by enhancing communication processes;
  • continuous improvement of the means of production, processes, information technologies;
  • optimal planning processes based on a full analysis of the data and feedback from consumers;
  • developing relationships with suppliers and partners on a mutually beneficial and long-term basis;
  • recognition of the priority of preservation of life and health of workers in the process of production activities.

Strategy development

  • The production and marketing of high-quality engineering products, satisfying the needs of our customers, for profit in an amount sufficient for the development of the company up to the level of leading Ukrainian companies and sound social policy.
  • This can be achieved only if there is long-term opportunity to produce and sell engineering products. Therefore, the main objective is to preserve the long-term competitiveness of engineering products in the Ukrainian market.
  • Actively fostering interregional relations, mutually beneficial cooperation system with dozens of companies in Ukraine and the CIS will allow enterprise to flourish in an unstable Ukrainian financial and economic and political systems.

The main strategic objective is achieved by:

  • Improving the quality of manufactured products and development of new products to meet current and future demands and expectations of consumers;
  • The conquest of the leading positions in the field of development and introduction of new technologies;
  • Preservation and expansion of markets and supply;
  • Improve production efficiency;
  • Involve all employees in quality management process;
  • Encouraging all employees to achieve goals;
  • Ensuring social protection of workers “magma” LLC.

Developed enterprise strategy to achieve goals is implemented in the following directions:

  • Continuous comprehensive development company, providing for the replacement of obsolete technologies and equipment, the use of fully loaded existing and newly introduced modern high-tech, environmentally Wednesday production facilities;
  • Achieving higher production efficiency;
  • Strengthening of market position by improving product quality, marketing research and market strategy formulation;
  • The establishment of a comprehensive guarantee for the smooth functioning of a “magma” LLC;
  • Introduction of energy saving technologies and expanding its own power base;
  • Implementation of quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000;
  • Improving the social climate through increased wages and an effective package of social programs and guarantees;
  • Improving the manageability of enterprise and openness.

A central element of the strategy is to create additional production capacities, with the aim of creating a closed cycle of production: from the creation of the design documentation to the metallurgical, metal-processing, assembling and welding, etc. units and ending with the release of the finished product.

Cooperation with us is the surest path to financial stability and economic progress!

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