Production structure

Manufacturing process is provided by specialized production sections:

Production Auxiliary production  Quality control
Blank  / Welding section Tool maintenance department Quality control department
Machining sections Mechanical supervisor staff Production control laboratory
Heat-treatment section
Assembly section

1. Blank / Welding section

The section is equipped with modern equipment, which allows to provide treatment of steel sheets of different thickness:

  • Semi-automatic welders VarioSynergic;
  • Inverters VIST 360;
  • Thermal cutting machine KOMETA-M;
  • Die shear;
  • Positioner.

Blank / Welding section provides following works:

Manufacturing of steel structures

  • Equipment for metallurgical industry: ladle cars, slag cars, pallet cars, taphole plugging machines, rotator-pressing mechanisms, turntables.
  • Cargo handling equipment: drums, plate hooks, clamshells, beam cranes, beams, tongs, skip winches.
  • Building constructions: crane beams, pillars.
  • Various modifications of reducers.
  • Mining equipment: cooling drum, cooler of return.
  • Pickling bath with rubber coating.

Repair of steel structures and details:

  • Welding on of the milling rolls;
  • Welding on of the crane wheels;
  • Repair of roll mill stand coupling;
  • Repair of roll mill stand housings.

2.Machining section

Turning operations

Axially symmetrical bodies are manufactured using turning operations (f.e.: shafts, disks, axles, pins, pivots, flanges, rings, bushes, nuts, couplings etc.)

Applied equipment:

  • Universal lathes: DIP-200, DIP-300, DIP-400, DIP-500, 1A665, 1A660;Lathes with CNC: DIP-200, DIP-300, RT755F3, RT911F3Vertical lathes: 1512, 1553.


Rough and final machining of flat surfaces is provided with milling process

Applied equipment:

  • Fixed bed miller 6662Vertical milling machine 65A60F1-1
  • Boring operationsBoring operations provide machining of holes, notches and grooves.Applied equipment:Horizontal borers: 2A662F3, 2N637GF1, 2A662F4, 2N637F2I.Complex processing on CNC machining centersCNC machining centers are multifunctional machines with programmable control system. It is equipped with movable working table (one or more) and automatic tool changing system. This machine is able to handle billets from different materials. Because of movable table, large amount of tools, significant range of spindle turning frequency and feedrate these complexes have wide technological abilities.Applied equipment:Milling CNC center: C-500, VB4020;Turn-milling CNC center: CTX Gamma 2000 TCProcessing on grinder machines

    Processing on grinding machines allows to handle flat and axially symmetrical bodies on the final operations, providing best surface roughness and precision.

    Applied equipment:

    • Universal grinding machine 3Y144;
    • Grinding machine 3A172B;
    • Surface grinding machine 3D725;
    • Jig grinder 5SM.

    Gear treatment

    Gear treatment machinery allows performing the following operations:

    • Gear machining and grinding on cylindrical shafts and wheels;
    • Machining of straight bevel gears;
    • Machining of spiral bevel gears;

    Applied equipment:

    • Gear shaping machines: 5V161P, EZS 494-1;
    • Large gear-milling machines: 5343, 5V375, 5A342;
    • Small gear-milling machines: EZS 658-380, 5V370;
    • Gear planers: 5A283, 5A250P;
    • Spiral gear milling and grinding machines: 5C280P, 5A872;

    Gear grinding machines: 5M841, ZSTZ-1250.

3. Heat-treatment section

Hardening furnaces

SDO-17.31.13/11.200 Chamber / 1700x3100x1300 1100oC / 200kW
SDO-11.23.09/11.120 Chamber / 1100x2300x900 1100oC / 120kW
SNO-6.12.5/11.50 Chamber / 600x1200x500 1100oC / 50kW
SNO-4.10.4/11.35 Chamber / 400x1000x400 1100oC / 35kW
SShO-12.35/11.180 Shaft / Ø1200 h-3500 1100oC / 180kW

Stress-revealing furnaces

SShO-12.15/70.90 Shaft / Ø1200 h-1500 700oC / 90kW
SShO-32.10./70.250 Shaft / Ø3200 h-1000 700oC / 250kW
SDO-60.40.31/12.35.28/700 Electrical, double chamber with roll-out furnace hearth / 6000x4000x3100/12000x3500x2700 700oC / 700kW

Induction heating coil (HFC)

Sorbitizing unit

Oil quenching bath 40 m3

Water quenching bath 40m3

4.Assembly section

Assembly section consists of mechanical and assembly divisions.

Mechanical division is equipped with unique machines:

  • Face-plate lathe DP4/S2
  • Boring machines: Skoda-1, Skoda-2
  • CNC vertical lathes 1516F3 (2 units)
  • CNC milling machine 65A90F3

All finished production is assembled In assembly division.

Division assembles production starting from small units with weight of 30 kg. up to bulky items of 80 MT  weight. This includes: reducers, cars, drums, ladle cars, slug cars, positioners, charging-box holders, tongs, beams, clamshells, rotator-pressing mechanisms, coiler heads and decoiler, pipeline sockets, rollers, crane beams.

5.Mechanical supervisor staff

The main task of the stuff is providing non-stop equipment operation with minimal repair expenses. This task is issued with efficient organization of operating maintenance during service to prevent progressing wear and breakdown, timely scheduled repair and upgrade of equipment, increasing staff technical and organizational level.

6. Tool maintenance department

Task of the department is design, production and sharpening of all sorts of metal cutting tools such as: shaping cutters, drills, taps, gear cutting tools (hob, disc and end-mill gear cutters) end milling cutter, junk bit, reamers etc. Also production and repair of tooling such as: boring bars for deep boring, tooling for lapping and finishing of gear wheels, devices for grinding and polishing on lathes is provided.

To cover all demands of production sections tool maintenance department design and implement technology of special cutting tools and tooling manufacturing: gear cutting tools of all types, drills, taps, mandrels, calibers and other special tooling.

7. Quality control department

Quality control department controls quality of released products according to standards and technological documentation.

Its scopes are:

  • Incoming control of arriving materials, billets and components;
  • Providing quality control on all stages of manufacturing at all production sections;
  • Step-by-step control on all stages of production;
  • Issuing results of provided control;
  • Issuing documents for accepted production (orders, notes, tests reports, technological passports, certificates);
  • Control of performed operations according to diagrams, thermal treatment record books, results of laboratory testing;
  • Taking part in process of controlling equipment technological accuracy and have the rights to prohibit manufacturing on some equipment in case of nonconformity;
  • Analyzing nonconformities with technological documentation on produced equipment to prevent such cases in future.

Existing quality control system defines a plan of quality management in different departments, rights and responsibilities in a region of quality.

8.Production control laboratory

The task of production control laboratory (PCL) is testing of incoming materials and billets, details in the process of production and ready products.  PCL provides following activities:

Chemical composition control

Providing spectrum analysis of steel and copper alloys. Analysis is carried out with optic emission spectrometer “ARGON-5SF”

Nondestructive testing

Ultrasonic testing is applied to identify hidden internal defects. Equipment used: Ultrasonic test instrument “UD2-70, UD4-76”

Magnetic-particle test instrument is applied to identify surface-based defects. Equipment used: Magnetic-particle test instrument “MAGEKS-3” and liquid-penetrant flaw detector.

Hardness testing

Laboratory is equipped with fixed hardness testing instruments: TB 5004 for HB, TR 2140 for HR and NOVOTEST TC-MKB1 for micro Vickers.

Destructive testing

To define mechanical properties (tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, contraction, impact energy at different temperatures) of a billet or a detail after thermal treatment mechanical tests are provided on the following equipment: pendulum impact tester IO 5005-0,3 and tensile testing machine R-20.

Metallographic analysis

In 2018 laboratory was qualified according to SOU-N IPR 03.120-002:2015 “Rules of qualification of measuring and testing laboratories and calibration divisions of enterprises and organizations of system of ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine “Industrial register”

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